Questions to ask before installing surveillance cameras

You cannot deny the fact that the crime rate is going up with each passing day. You can never be sure that after you lock your home or office, it is safe from break-ins or thefts. Owing to this, there has been a significant rise in the installation of surveillance cameras.

There is a wide range of security cameras to select from, but this can often leave you more confused than relieved! Before you jump on the idea of getting your home or office secured with security cameras, ask yourself the following questions:

Is visual surveillance enough? Security cameras are of two types, one that captures only visual and one that captures sound as well. For common or public places like office, departmental stores, railway or bus stations, a visual camera do the job perfectly. However, sometimes you need to hear sounds as well. Monitoring nannies, children, notorious employees, etc., requires cameras with microphone.

Do I need to store the footage? If you are using cameras to give you a real-time visual, you do not necessarily need to store the footage. On the other hand, if you are using surveillance cameras to keep a check on your locked home or office, it is essential that you store the footage. For storing the footage, there are two options available. The footage can be either stored on tape or hard drive. Storing on the tapes is easy and cost-effective, but you cannot edit the footage. Storing on the hard drive is convenient and you can edit footage or search for a specific clip. However, storing footage on hard drive occupies a lot of computer memory space.

Wireless or wired?: More and more people opt for wireless cameras as it is easy and convenient to handle. Although, even a wireless camera has to be plugged into an electricity outlet, you can easily move it around and install wherever you wish. While wireless cameras sound lucrative, they cost more than wired cameras. Opt for wireless cameras only if you exclusively need them. If a job can be accomplished with wired cameras, why spend more?

Will the images be clear enough? Security cameras are always mounted at a height, on a specific angle to cover a wide area. Hence, to capture clear videos, it is important that the area being captured on camera should be well lit.

Can I access real time footage? The main function of security cameras is to provide you detail of what is going on in the area where you have installed the camera. Mostly, the video camera is connected to a computer, to store the footage. If the computer is connected to the internet, you can view the footage online, through a browser.

When considering installation of security cameras, do so with a calm mind and think every aspect thoroughly. It is best to hire an experienced agency to take care of every nuance of installing a security camera.

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