• Security cameras vulnerable to hackers, says security researcher

    Security cameras are supposed to enhance security, aren’t they. Well, they may not always be as secure as one deems them to be, according to new research that has been reported on several news websites including Wired.

  • BRIC economies will drive video surveillance market

    Market research company, IMS Research is forecasting a 12% growth of the video surveillance equipment market in 2012, thanks mainly to the BRIC economies (Brazil, Russsia, India and China). The surveillance market could be said to include security cameras, video recorders, transmission equipment, etc.

  • Imagine security cameras for kids entertainment!

    Tough to believe, isn’t it? Yet, security cameras seem to finding applications in all sorts of areas, even ones that you’d least expect. Recently, kids suffering life-threatening and terminal illnesses were given unforgettable memories at the Give Kids The World Village, a resort in Florida, with a magical multi-media experience.

  • Security camera resolution- differences between high definition and megapixel

    As high definition (HD) becomes the norm in the video surveillance industry, there is the growing propensity to describe video produced by these modern security cameras as high definition or megapixel images (in fact, a market research company predicts that more than half the network cameras shipped by 2014 will be offering high-definition or megapixel resolution).

  • Security trade show to be held in Mumbai in November

    A range of security products from Chinese manufacturers will be on display at the China Sourcing Fair to be held in Mumbai, November 23-25. This trade show will be co-located with several other events including a fair on electronics, home and bathroom products.

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